Socotra Nature Photography Contest

We are thrilled to announce Amanda Gordon (@layoversandlouboutins) as the winner of our Socotra Nature Photography Contest!

6/20/20241 min read

Socotra Nature Photography Contest
Socotra Nature Photography Contest

Celebrating Nature Photography Day on Socotra

On June 15th, we celebrated Nature Photography Day with our Socotra Nature Photography Contest, inviting our previous guests and Socotra enthusiasts to share their best shots of Socotra's breathtaking landscapes on Instagram. Until June 30th, we received multiple entries from participants who tagged us @sstours.socotra and used our hashtags #SocotraPhotoContest and #SSTPhotoContest to enter.

Winner Announcement

After receiving numerous stunning entries, @layoversandlouboutins emerged as the winner with a captivating photograph that perfectly encapsulates Socotra’s unique landscape. She has won 30% off for the upcoming season with Socotra Specialty Tours, a prize that can also be gifted to a dear family member or friend, allowing them to experience the paradise of Socotra.

Thank You to All Participants

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated and shared their remarkable photos, showcasing the natural wonders of Socotra. Stay tuned for more upcoming competitions where we celebrate and preserve Socotra’s natural beauty together! ✨

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