Plastic-Free July!

Join Socotra Specialty Tours in Plastic-Free July: Protecting Our Island’s Natural Beauty

7/6/20242 min read

Welcome to Plastic-Free July! 🌿 This global movement empowers millions to be part of the solution to plastic pollution. By choosing to refuse single-use plastics, we can make a significant impact on our environment. At Socotra Specialty Tours, we are excited to participate and encourage you to join us in this vital initiative to protect our beloved island, Socotra.

Why Plastic-Free July Matters for Socotra

Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues we face today, and its impact on Socotra’s unique ecosystems is especially concerning. Single-use plastics, such as straws, bags, and bottles, often end up in our oceans and waterways, harming marine life and disrupting delicate habitats. By participating in Plastic-Free July, we can reduce our plastic footprint and help preserve Socotra’s natural beauty for future generations.

Our Commitment to Plastic-Free July

At Socotra Specialty Tours, we are dedicated to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices. Here are some steps we are taking this July and beyond:

Refusing Single-Use Plastics: We are committed to saying no to single-use plastics in our daily operations. This includes eliminating plastic straws, cutlery, and packaging.

Encouraging Reusable Alternatives: We provide our guests with metal water bottles to refill throughout their tour instead of using single-use plastic bottles. Small changes can lead to big impacts!

Educational Campaigns: Throughout July, we will share tips and resources on our blog and social media to help you make sustainable choices. From DIY zero-waste swaps to eco-friendly product recommendations, we’ve got you covered.

Community Clean-Up Events: Our team of local heroes not only brings back all of our own waste after each tour but also collects as much litter as possible along the way. Join us in local clean-up events where we will collect plastic waste from beaches, parks, and other public spaces.

Permanent Sustainable Practices: We use only metal cutlery, glass, and melamine utensils on our tours.

We are actively searching for partner companies to bring recycling initiatives to the island.

How You Can Participate

We invite you to join us in celebrating Plastic-Free July and protecting Socotra! Here’s how you can get involved:

Set Your Goals: Identify areas in your life where you can reduce plastic use. Whether it’s bringing your own bags to the store or opting for a reusable water bottle, every little bit helps.

Share Your Journey: Use the hashtag #PlasticFreeJuly to share your tips, goals, and progress on social media. Let’s inspire others to make sustainable choices together.

Help While Visiting Socotra:

Avoid bringing plastic to Socotra and take back any recyclables and dry plastic waste (snack wrappers, water bottles, wrapping of new items, etc.) to be properly disposed of in your home countries or connection stops.

Use environmentally-friendly shampoo, conditioner, soap, sunscreen, etc.

Only bring wet wipes that are chemical-free and made of 100% natural fibers, and do not leave them in nature after use.

Educate and Advocate: Talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about the importance of reducing plastic waste. Encourage them to join the movement and make a difference.

Together for a Greener Future

Plastic-Free July is more than just a month-long challenge; it’s a stepping stone toward a more sustainable lifestyle. By refusing single-use plastics and making conscious choices, we can protect our planet and preserve Socotra’s natural beauty.

Thank you for joining Socotra Specialty Tours on this journey toward a cleaner, greener future. Stay tuned for more tips and updates throughout the month. Together, we can educate and inspire others to make sustainable choices. 🌍♻️

Let’s make Plastic-Free July a success and protect Socotra’s natural beauty! 🌿