Best Hiking Trails on Socotra Island

Want to know more about hiking trails through diverse terrains with incredible species of flora? Read this guide on top hiking trails on Socotra Island!

7/9/20244 min read

Best Hiking Trails on Socotra Island
Best Hiking Trails on Socotra Island

If you're love traveling with the ultimate goal of scaling diverse hiking trails worldwide, you'll love Socotra Island. A varied terrain with trails to caves, through mountains, at the beach, and more—Socotra is a perfect place for avid hikers. Before you visit Socotra, plan your itinerary according to how much time you’ll spend at each renowned spot if you want to cover the trail there.

To help you make your trip adventurous and fulfilling, here’s a guide on the top hiking trails in Socotra Island.

Hiking Trails on Socotra Island

Any trek on Socotra island to get a closer look at the island's nature—plus capture some amazing photos. You can even stay overnight in tents. So, make sure you bring the proper outdoor stuff (read The Ultimate Packing Guide for Socotra Island to learn more). Additionally, you'll be able to visit spots that are inaccessible by car and fully appreciate the stunning views. Here are some of the amazing trails to add to your list.

- Trail to the Hoq Caves

Let’s begin our favorite Socotra trekking routes with one of the best: the hike up the Hoq Caves. Traditionally, visitors in Socotra don't hike but prefer taking transportation and saving their energy for exploring the caves. But, since we're talking about being adventurous, the uphill hike to Hoq Caves should be your first outdoor Socotra escapade.

Don't forget to allot a good part of the day to this visit, including the hike and the caves themselves. The hike is roughly 3 kilometers long with a 350-meter elevation. This means you'll take around 2 hours (less, if you're a quick climber) to get to the top.

You get to enjoy Hoq Caves more with the pride of making it up a steep hill. Moreover, the complete journey is also a charming one. The trail to Hoq Caves has distinctive bottle trees, making this place one of the unique natural sights in Socotra. Plus, you’ll get to see these trees in full bloom if you visit Socotra in March.

- Trail Up To Diksam Plateau

One of the best spots in inland Socotra is Diksam Plateau which boasts the highest concentration of the famous dragon blood trees of Socotra. Diksam Plateau is even more special if you’ve got a goal of conquering as many hiking trails as possible—as it is one of the best hiking trails on Socotra Island.

Here is your chance to cross a canyon that offers a tricky path, but both the journey and the destination are worth the hard work. The entire plateau is lined with otherworldly dragon blood trees. The trees create an enchanting backdrop as you hike—the beauty of the entire scenery is elevated tenfold when you spot majestic mountains.

This is one of the hikes that you can consider making for a sunset view from the plateau. On the other hand, a daytime hike up the Diksam Plateau is equally mesmerizing because of the tranquil lakes nestled in the rocky terrain.

- Trail to Homhil Infinity Pool

Homhil Infinity Pool is one of the must-visit places in Socotra. But before you get the reward of a swim with a view, there’s a climb. Know that none of the hiking trails on Socotra Island promise a reward as awesome as this one.

Homhil (Protected Area) is filled with stunning plants and beautiful landscapes. The site is also home to frankincense and bottle trees, creating a captivating view. You’ll also see the unique cucumber trees, which enhance the natural charm of the trail leading up to the infinity pool.

Additionally, Homhil is also known for its vast collection of dragon blood trees. It’s no surprise that this area is one of the most diverse forests worldwide. The hike up is fascinating to say the least, ending with you arriving at a stunning oasis. End your hike in a peaceful pool with a backdrop of towering trees and the Arabian Sea!

- Hajhir Mountain Trails

A trek in the Hajhir Mountains does not always make it to your average Socotra travel guide, as this trail is a challenge—one for the truly adventurous traveler visiting Socotra!

It may take you longer than a day to hike through the complete popular trail of the Hajhir Mountains. Most hiking parties going through these mountains divide the complete adventure into three or four days. Skand, the tallest peak in the range, is especially one of the trickiest Socotra trekking routes—even for experienced hikers!

However, once you descend through Ayhaft Canyon into the coastal region, you're in for a delight. The lush greenery and natural freshwater pools that make up the valley of Hajhir Mountain make it ethereal. If you have the opportunity to explore Hajhir Mountain and you’re up for the trek, don’t miss out.

- Climbing Arher Sand Dune

While not exactly a trek on Socotra Island, all the elements are there when you scale the most massive sand dune located at Arher Beach. It's quite a climb, given the 100-meter height of the sand dune. The surrounding scenery while you make an effort is pretty amazing—even more so since you're at a beach.

In fact, Arher Beach is one of the most charming beaches in Socotra you must visit before ending your trip. And the 'trail' up the sand dune is worth it, especially if you make it up in time for the sunset. The height of the sand dune gives you a one-of-a-kind panoramic view of the distinct shiny sands and azure waters.

Added bonus if you climb the sand dune during the night: you may be lucky enough to spot blue bioluminescence in the ocean at night which is common in February to May.

Plan Your Hikes on Socotra Island with Socotra Specialty Tours

As local guides and tour operators in Socotra, we know what trails offer the best adventurous experiences and are safe for the public. If you want to plan your visit along with adding hiking trails on Socotra Island to your itinerary, get in touch with Socotra Specialty Tours today!